InnoTraction Solutions Inc. is a business design consultancy working with inspired organizations to select, design and deliver business models that drive revenue growth, customer satisfaction and cost competitiveness.

Are you are struggling to get your first sale, attract partners or secure venture funding?

Your business model may not be compelling enough.

Are you bewildered by the lack of support for your carefully crafted 80-page business plan, and tired of the endless meetings to get stakeholder alignment?

You need tools and a common language to tell your story in a simple visual way that is easily understood in a few minutes by your executive or investors.

We will work with you to create compelling value propositions embedded in business models that deliver and capture value. Simple to understand and validated business models gain traction.

Business model innovation is at the heart of our approach. If you are an entrepreneur or an existing business that can’t get traction for your ideas, then we should talk about how to create, deliver and capture value for your enterprise.  

We have industry experience in healthcare, energy, communications and the Internet of Things (IoT) plus an insatiable curiosity about business models in all industries.   

Please contact us to explore how we can help design (or redesign) your business for the current environment.